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When I was a high school student I was interested in brain science. So I entered Future University Hakodate where complex systems can be learned from the only undergraduate department in Japan. During my college years, I have also been interested in academic disciplines, and have produced paintings and 3D works. We also produced a number of theater companies' posters, DM and others. I also energetically participated in video works and theatrical work, and I learned the techniques of stage lighting, filming, screenplay, and directing. And I did the management of the stage work and I learned the possibility of physical expression. Therefore, I have developed and studied interactive devices based on physicality using biological signals such as breathing and heartbeat.

After graduation, at Okayama Prefectural University, I learned the pleasure of education from students while supporting classes such as CG Exercises, IT Content Design Practice, Web Design etc. Since 2011, I worked on content development as freelance based in Fukuoka and Sapporo. From 2013, I was engaged in research on education (enPiT) at Future University Hakodate, a mother school. I began working at Osaka University of Arts, my yearning since 2017.

I am interested in the boundary between living things and things that are not living things. Also, I am interested in the boundaries of how people and people can communicate with each other. (Although it may not be mentioned by Science's method.)
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2002.Apr - 2006.Mar

Department of Complex Systems, Fuculty of Systems Information Science, FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE.

2006.Apr - 2008.Mar

Master's Course from Area of Media Design, Major in Systems Information Science, The Graduate School of FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE.

2008.Apr - 2011.Mar

Working as an Assistant at the Course of IT-Contents Design, Department of Aesthetic Design, Faculty of Design, OKAYAMA PREFECTURAL UNIVERSITY.

2011.Apr - 2013.Feb

Turned freelance designer.

2012.May - 2013.Feb

CoSTEP(an educational organization for science and technology communication)

2013.Mar - 2013.May

Advanced ICT Liaison-Laboratory, Center for University-Society Relations and Collaboration, FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE.

2013.May - 2017.Mar

Project Assistant Professor. School of Systems Information Science, Fuculty of Systems Information Science, FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE.

2013.Sep -

Doctor's Course from Major in Systems Information Science, The Graduate School of FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE.

2017.Apr -

Assistant Professor. Faculty of Arts, Department of Art Science, OSAKA UNIVERSITY OF ARTS.

Research Theme

Keywords : Media design, Communication, Physical information, Respiratory, Synchronization phenomenon of physical rhythm,
Interaction, Media art, Animation, Interface, PBL, Learning


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